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William brought his cigarette to his mouth and, after taking one last puff, tossed it onto the ground and stepped on it. He then took his map out of his jacket pocket that he had found earlier.

He had decided to look for the nearest hospital and search for birth records. After all, he was probobly born here, right?

But the map listed two hospitals - Brookhaven Mental Hospital and Alchemilla Hospital. He certianly didn't want to believe he was born in a mental institution, so he decided to head for Alchemilla Hospital first. It was going to be a long walk, but William decided it would be worth it.


William stood outside of Alchemilla Hospital. Something was off - for one, there were no cars anywhere in sight, nor any ambulances. This place, he thought, was just as abandoned as the rest of the place.

No, that wasn't it - there was something else. A brooding fear was growing inside of him, like there was something inside the hospital he didn't want to know. But curiosity and the desire to find his past led him to open the front doors anyway.

"Hello? Anyone here?"
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