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Silent Haven

Welcome to Silent Hill...

Silent Haven : A Silent Hill Roleplaying Community
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The fear of blood tends to lead to create fear for the flesh.

S I L E N T .:. H A V E N

~A Silent Hill Roleplaying Game~

Silent Hill, West Virginia. A place of memories for some; a dark secret for others; a nightmarish hell for all who wander there. This "sacred place", corrupted by the souls of the dead and the dark god Samael, manifests the inner torment of those who are called there into hellish beings, twisted corridors, and grotesque symbols of their pain. Others may simply wander there, unaware that they are merely pawns inside another's personal purgatory – or personal hell.

Two sides of this town outside of reality exist - one is a lonely, empty world of fog and debris. The other is a nightmare world of blood and rust, where sinners find their judgment and demons stalk unfortunate souls. Men and women have been thrown from one world to the next and back again, but few have lived - or have kept their sanity - to tell the tale.

The power of the town is so great that the worshippers of Samael have flocked there and carried out their dark designs for there over two centuries. Their influence in the town has lead to the start of a secret drug ring, a corrupted orphanage, and an unholy shrine to the great demon himself. This cult, known simply as The Order, seek the return of their god to create a "paradise" for mankind through its birth - and a young woman named Alessa Gillespie was chosen to be the "holy woman".

However, through her efforts and the efforts of other brave men and women, the demon was never unleashed onto the world. But the cult's efforts did not end there. The year is 2006, the present day, and The Order is using their town's powers to call out to the tormented, the guilty, and the delusional in the hopes of finding a new vessel. Men, women, young, old - it matters not to the fanatical cult's leaders and followers. To the called, Silent Hill is a town of personal agony and torment, different to each person. But to the normal, everyday, healthy individuals, it is a place of unspeakable evil created by the minds of others.

Regardless of their reasons for coming to the town, these unlucky souls have one thing in common - they are all but puppets within the mighty hands of the dark god Samael...

Hello, and welcome to Silent Haven. This is an original character based RP which takes place in the universe of Konami's Silent Hill game series. Before you begin, please read a few rules:

1) All OOC discussion goes in silenthavenooc. So all introductions, plotting, and the like go there.

2) All IC posts go to this community. We will be role playing in a first-person journal style entry. This is a journal entry:

The grocery store looks oddly empty today... I'm not sure if I want to go inside.

This is NOT:

*Looks into the grocery store, afraid to go inside.*

3) Third-person logging is optional. When posting a log, please use this form over an LJ cut containing your log:


3) Smut is allowed, as long as it has a clear warning label and is under and LJ cut. Pornographic pictures, however, are not allowed under any circumstance.

4) Play nice. Please inform either me (queenie_z) or Silvie (relares) with any problems with other players you might have.

5) Have fun! Silent Hill is a town where anything can happen. Let your dementia creativity flourish!

Application forms, rules, and preset characters can be found here. Have fun!


William Stanton ; seethedarkside
played by queenie_z

May Waterford ; maychasingjack
played by niena

Abigail Brown ; abigail_brown
played by silverchild2

Jack Waterford ; soiled_hands
played by furikku